Ludicious Zürich Game Festival is over and it was actually pretty great. We (game design people from ZHdK) didn’t get all hyped up because of some self-imposed (though really fun!) conference game like in 2016. I definitely could relax, enjoy the conference (hear some great talks for the first and some for the second time already, as it is the case at conferences (why!!!).

My personal conference missions were:

  • to offer a slot at the unconference — mission accomplished

  • to play every single game at the exhibition — mission failed



  • even though I played some awesome games, even some with fancy stairs in it (my currently favorite research topics in game design), see the smart „Hue“ by Fiddlesticks Games
  • or that have interesting multi-player mechanics, such as „Nights in Chicago“
  • to book a game design workshop for my older son — mission accomplished (he built the hardest Super Mario Maker levels ever, just like every daring beginning game designer 😉
  • to network — mission accomplished: I networked, among others, over the Röschtigrabe (a political yay! to me) with some nice Indie devs from Tchagata Games who had made the funniest panty-throwing simulator, „Maison Kanraku: The Second Climax“

As being a true gamification project, the outstanding results of having accomplished 3/4 missions ended in rewarding myself with pretty many dumplings (which was not hard due to the dumpling stand being the only food option besides hot dogs for 2 full days, but it worked anyways). :p

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